Privacy Policy

Information on data protection

For Spacerframe, the protection of personal data is of utmost importance. We would therefore like to inform you how we protect your privacy when you give your personal data to us. It goes without saying that we shall comply with data protection regulations, but in addition, in giving you the following information, we would like to commit ourselves to using your data in a responsible way, making sure that your privacy is protected at any time. We want you to feel good and safe when visiting our web pages.

Why we use data

We want to constantly improve our service and make our online service more attractive for you. Only if we know which subareas of our internet pages are visited most and for the longest time, we can optimize the contents of the Spacerframe web pages according to your demands. Personal information is used by SuperFrame for marketing, for attracting prospective customers, for conducting surveys and providing information.
The better we understand what you want, the faster you will find the desired information on our internet pages.

General information

If you visit the web pages of Spacerframe, information of general nature is collected automatically. This information includes, for example, such things as the kind of web browser, the operating system which is used, or the domain names of your internet service providers.
Exclusively such information is collected which does not allow any conclusions as to your identity. Besides, these data are also generated when visiting any other web page on the internet, i. e. this is not a function specific of the Spacerframe internet pages. This kind of information is collected exclusively in an anonymizated way and interpreted by us for statistical purposes.

Personal information

If you are asked to give personal information on our pages, such as for example your name, address or phone number, this is subject to special provisions, which are indicated to you in the following wording:

We will use these data for marketing purposes for Spacerframe to attract prospective customers, conduct surveys and provide information. Your data will not be passed on to any third parties. This shall not apply to service providers acting on behalf of Spacerframe, or third parties and affiliates and subsidiary companies of the Spacerframe group. Apart from the data which you give to us, we will use information derived from the way in which you use our service to be able to lead you to the information which could be interesting for you as fast as possible, and to constantly optimize our service.
You will find further information on the subject of the protection of data privacy under the rubric data protection“ on our internet pages

The use of cookies

Cookies are text files containing information which makes it possible to identify repeated visitors exclusively for the duration of their visit to our web pages. Cookies are stored on the hard disk of your computer and do not cause any damage there. The cookies of our internet pages do not contain any personal data on you. Cookies will save you having to enter data several times, facilitate the transmission of specific contents and will help us to identify those parts of our online service that are particularly popular. This will enable us, among other things, to adapt our web pages exactly to your requirements.
If you want, you can deactivate the use of cookies any time by changing the preferences of your browser. Please use the help functions of your internet browser to see how you can make these changes.


Spacerframe employs technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data you give to us from any deliberate or undeliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are improved and adapted on a regular basis.