About Spacerframe

Spacerframe can be used anywhere around the home or office. Each box includes a set of acrylic frames which have a self-adhesive tape on the reverse, similar to a post-it note adhesive but stronger and it is paint friendly. The frames can be re-positioned on the wall a number of times until you are happy (see instructions before using).


Each set of frames come with a spacing tool to ensure you get even spaces between your frames. The tool has the option of two sizes of space, 30mm for spacing seperate pictures or, for a creative touch, 10mm which allows you to display a large picture across a number of frames mosaic style. Also incorportated within the tool is a sprit level which ensures your pictures will be level every time.


We have formed a link with Fotobox, to provide 5x5 individual prints and for your large mosaic displays, they now provide the service of printing and cutting your image, making it even easier for you to create that statement piece for your home. Please visit their site at: www.fotobox.co.uk.


Spacerframes offer infinite opportunities for your creativity.